Aqua Soil by Cameron Rebigsol

By Cameron Rebigsol

After being retired from his building career, Cameron Rebigsol has extra probabilities to get entangled in writings that he felt fairly debatable in the course of his more youthful age. the common themes that usually hang-out him more often than not focus within the parts of people’ organic and cultural evolution.
Shouldn’t humans’ actual features exhibit extra of a heritage of tens of million years of an aqua existence except an arboreal lifetime of their ancestors? Such actual features comprise hair on scalp yet another way a nude physique, a couple of eyes and nostrils that remain very heavily jointly, and 2 ceaselessly swollen mammary glands for his or her ladies.
Will a world abrupt swap of racial stability quickly take place between humans? Will monopoly on every thing be an final society for the complete mankind? What can smooth American Christians do whereas a disintegration in their state is in growth: the falling aside of a country of Christendom, the lack of English——a silver spoon born with in mouth, the extremely quick seizure of wealth and land yet by means of others?
A monstrous subject surfacing up in human’s cultural evolution yet confusing Rebigsol the main would be the relativity in physics. whilst it really is considered as end result of the a very good intelligence within the educational global, why needs to it bring about a few mathematical trouble resembling 0=C (speed of light)? For the dialogue to be thorough, Cameron R. even bargains $50,000 via this ebook to solicit a resounding solution.

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